Fiona Mundye

Sutton Coldfield and North Birmingham Beekeepers Association Honey Show

Event Description

Honey show judge: Peter Lewis

Please contact Fiona Mundye for further details.

Open for entry and staging10.00am
Final entry11.00am
Last staging11.15am
Judging Starts11.30am
Open viewing following judging15.00 – 15.45
Presentations15.45 onwards

Removal of exhibits allowed following presentations

Schedule of Classes

Class 1. Two 454g jars of light honey
Class 2. Two 454g jars of medium honey
Class 3. Two 454g jars of dark honey
Class 4. Two 454g jars of soft set or naturally crystallised honey
Class 5. Two 454g jars of heather honey
Class 6. One 454g jar of liquid honey (any colour) – Gift class
Class 7. One shallow frame of honey for extraction or cut comb
Class 8. One section of honey or one container of cut comb
Class 9. One plain cake of beeswax (minimum weight 227g)
Class 10. Two 454g jars of light honey
Class 11. Two 454g jars of medium or dark honey
Class 12. One 454g jar of honey – Novice class
Class 13. One plain cake of beeswax (minimum weight 150g) – Novice class
Class 14. One 75cl bottle of mead
Class 15. An item produced from products of the hive for commercial purposes
Class 16. A colour or monochrome photographic print of a beekeeping subject mounted on plain card (maximum size 250 x 300 mm)
Class 17. An item of artwork depicting a subject of interest to beekeeping – Junior class
Class 18. Any item of interest in beekeeping
Class 19. One honey cake
Class 20. Six honey biscuits
Class 21. Honey candies
Class 22. A pair of matching beeswax candles

Event Details

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