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International Meeting of Young Beekeepers

We are proud to announce as an association that one of our youngest members Becca has once again qualified to represent England at the International Meeting of Young Beekeepers. This will be for an unprecedented third year running! Having previously attended meetings in Poland 2014 and Slovakia in 2015, its the Czech Republic for 2016. Here she will compete in a team of 3 against more than 20 other beekeeping nations. She will be tested on her beekeeping knowledge both written and practical. Previous years tests have included, opening a hive and finding the Queen, marking a drone, matching different honeys to their flower, questions on bee anatomy, uncapping and extracting honey and even egg grafting! This event is a fabulous opportunity for any young beekeeper to meet children from other nations, visit different countries, learn about customs and beekeeping practices and above all have fun.

Becca and the Bees

Becca started her beekeeping at the age of 8 and was helping collect swarms aged 10. She regularly attends our apiary meetings and talks, has been awarded first prize in both local and County Honey Shows in various categories. She has also been a Honey Show steward at local and county events.

To be eligible to compete for England you have to be aged between 12 and 16 and have successfully shown your beekeeping proficiency by passing the Bee Basic examination. A selection process then follows. Next year England will be hosting the event.

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