Dangers of the Asian Hornet


There is a huge problem, currently in France with regard to the ASIAN HORNET.

There have been two sightings in the UK so far. These hornets can kill our pollinating insects include bees which are easy pray for the hornets. If you come across this hornet, please contact NBU using the app details below. Download the app in preparation. 

The European Hornet is similar. Both are large, but the European hornet has yellow and black strips on its back. The Asian Hornet is predominately black with yellow legs.

The BBKA aim to raise awareness of the Asian hornet as it could decimate our pollinators including our honeybees.  It is important for everyone to be actively looking for it.  If you spot an Asian Hornet, please report it by using the Asian Hornet Watch app available free on both Android and iphone or alternatively you can fill in the online form.

Or visit the following website: https://www.bbka.org.uk/Listing/Category/asian-hornet-vespa-velutina

Asian hornet
Asian Hornet
European Hornet 1
European Hornet
Asian vs European hornet