Bee Friendly Plants

As a general guide, bees love daisy and bell shaped flowers.

Always choose single flower varieties as double flowers do not provide nectar for insects. The flowers on may fruit and vegetable crops are firm favourites  of bees – beans, peas and fragrant herbs are loved as are apples, currants and raspberries.

If you have space in or around your vegetable plot, try to include flowers from the list below.

Companion planting, a traditional method of growing different plants together for mutual benefits like extra nutrients, protection from harsh weather and pest control, can make your plot particularly good for bees. That in turn will benefit your produce. For example, nasturtiums grown among your brassicas will protect them from caterpillars – caterpillars will choose to eat nasturtium leaves rather than your cabbages, while their flowers will attract the bees.   Chives or sage amongst your carrots will ward of aphids and root fly and again their flowers will be great for bees, which in turn are then on hand to pollinate your other crops.

bee friendly plants

Some Bee Friendly Plant Varieties

Although there are lots more, here is a list of just some of the bee-friendly plants you could choose from: